Crystallization Culture
The Crystallization Sequence

Have you had an awakening? Did that sacred experience change you forever? Were you ushered into profound clarity, bliss, and the infinite love you are meant to embody?

Yet, even after touching the higher-light awareness do you still find yourself navigating fluctuating energy levels, emotional instability, and feeling disconnected from your inner vision and clarity?

Your energy structure may not be crystallized.

Do you want to shift into embodying your peak experience in every moment?

People without crystallized energy structures can elevate themselves to higher vibrations but find that it is temporary and fragile.

People with crystallized energy structures find themselves in constant stability and connection to the light of their previous experiences.

You have the capability to live free, enjoying enduring peace and consistent ease.

When you're in a resonant energetic structure your capability to manifest increases, you start to draw in powers and experiences from your soul and you begin experiencing more divine connection.

Once crystallized, you embody your purpose continuously through the natural radiance of crystallized light.

You become a vibrational magnet of those resonant with your soul’s key signature.

And attract what is resonant to your highest potentials.

The Crystallization Sequence is our offer for people who want the next level of their spiritual journey.

It is a two-month experience of dedicated spiritual ascension that integrates seamlessly into your daily life, requiring your energetic commitment.

Hi, we're Hanjo and Ananda

We are Hanjo and Ananda Purebuddha, enlightened beings in divine union. Our path and purpose has taken us all over the world to aid people in incubating their spiritual and magical gifts, clearing their karma and realizing enlightenment, freedom from suffering. We've done hundreds of energy sessions, and worked with dozens of people in intensive personal retreats who want to come into clarity and alignment with their highest frequency.

There's something intense we've learned about our cosmic blueprint: We're the moldavite of spiritual teachers, here to lovingly clear everything out of your life that doesn't resonate with the highest vibration of your heart's alignment.

We've been creating sacred space and hosting a traveling temple together for three years, we have hosted over 20 personal crystallization retreats in over 20 locations around the world. Digitally, we hold space for people to activate their energies, shed their conditioning, integrate their karma and grow in our 2:1 sessions.

We offer crystallized clarity for personal paths, serving as a catalyst for numerous individuals to lead more energetically aligned, resonant, soul-fullfilled, and purposeful lives. DM us for testimonials.

This depth of experience working with others has given us the ability to quickly and deeply integrate and activate fundamental energetic structures of their own cosmic blueprints.

The crystallization of your energy structure unfolds in four sessions using the sacred energetic and timing structure of a pyramid.

Delivered in four sessions at increasingly frequent intervals, the sessions are energetically designed to resonate your structure into a crystalline form.

Embodying your unique crystallized frequency is the feeling of intense spiritual alignment with your soul.

Receive essential blueprints and activations from your soul, enabling you to authentically live your highest calling.

This sequence is for those ready to embrace a life-altering energetic transition.

The Crystallization Sequence fosters a deep, continuous connection between your daily reality and your highest spiritual potential.

Receive four divinely guided sessions

As disciples of Heka, the Egyptian god of magic, they transmitted upon us the energetic blueprints of The Crystallization Sequence.

The Crystallization Sequence is an integrated synthesis of Heka's direct channeled energetic blueprints and instructions and our three years working as teachers and healers.

You have the power to choose to work with us.

This offer is for spiritually awakened people who are ready to make the commitment to their awakening and intensively integrate their higher states.

These blueprints are vibrating with magically charged crystallizing energy.

This is a total commitment to yourself and your transformation.

The Crystallization Sequence

The Crystallization Sequence is a one-time process of four activating sessions held in sequence. The Crystallization Sequence results in several dramatic shifts over a short period of time as you bring your soul-aligned frequency into your physical body.

Each session includes one hour of energy transmission and up to 30 minutes of integration mentoring. The cost is $2,222 for 4 sessions over the course of two months.

After each session, we will coach you through the process of integrating inbetween that session and the next one to support your transition and integration. We also address any questions you have at this time. Sessions are spaced out specifically to allow for integration and transformation. You must commit to the whole sequence after the first session.

This a process unfolding between sessions that is your responsibility to nurture and support.

Does becoming your most consistent high vibration expression resonate with you?

To purchase and secure your spot or book a discovery call to find out more:

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There are limited sessions available each month.

REFUND POLICY: We are so confident in your capacity to benefit from our energetic aid that if after the first session you do not wish to complete the Crystallization Sequence, we will refund the remaining $1,666 in full within 30 days of request.

Session Descriptions

As twin flames, our energy work is unlike any other.

We have crystallized energy bodies and a shared crystallized light body. This unique structure allows us to assist others in regulating and crystallizing their energy bodies. By connecting with your energy, we create a resonance that guides your energy body into learning and harmonizing. Through our words, we facilitate energetic shifts, realignments, and integrations. Our role is to help your energy find its optimal configuration by realigning, releasing trauma and karma, and becoming more self-aware. This process is supported by resonant and beneficial energetic structures that take on names like gods, angels, star families, soul pods, and ancestors, while non-resonant energies like entities, expired soul contracts, conditioning, and other people's karma are gently guided to leave.

We then activate the energetic blueprints planted in your energy field, adapting to your unique pace of receiving them. These blueprints contain gifts, awareness, and awakenings—anything reality intended for you but that may have been missed or delayed is stored in this energetic queue, waiting for the right moment. We draw these blueprints into your inner field, where they can blossom and enrich your experience.

We work on the DNA by performing timeline realignment, ensuring that your past aligns with your future, activating changes at the epigenetic level. This process clears unconscious programming from your DNA and replaces it with your unique angelic light codes, influencing your entire ancestral layer.

In the quantum field, we vibrate the strings of reality to reshape timelines, creating coherent new structures that permit different pasts and futures. This affects both your present moment creating immediate shifts, your current incarnation and your past incarnations. We rearrange the frames in the movie of your incarnational journey, adjusting the stream of your consciousness to shift reality like a kaleidoscope, opening up new potential fields for you to explore.

To purchase and secure your spot or book a discovery call to find out more:

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